Gem of Frost

Ok. So, I have a storm alt, well, not really alt. He was my first ever character and I never deleted him, just got bored and made an Ice. ~Evan Shadow. So anyways, I decided to get on him, he’s in Krokotopia, and I just finished the grand arena (at level 22), that means it’s time for— THE VAULT OF ICE! I recorded this, so here it is! (after some screenshots of grand arena of course 🙂 )

Arena Master

He’s sooo tall!!! XD


Taking down those Sand Stalkers with my new level 22 spell, Kraken!

Wild Sunbird

Hello, Wild Sunbird! Time to “Tear up the Krokotopia Arena”! 😉


End of a side-quest line from Ako, and his father Oka. okA akO 🙂

So intense! Lol. I plan to record the Emperor’s Retreat as well, but I’ll add that in another post. This was just a heads-up of what I’m doing, thanks for reading!


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