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October 10, 2011


I have been doing soooo much in the Spiral! First of all, I switched to my Dragon’s Fjord for housing decorating, and it’s actually going pretty well. I forgot to take screenshots of it, so, yeah. I did the Master Hallowe’en tower, but didn’t get much other than Black Cat TCs. I’ve bought my Hallowe’en gear, but now I have a sad amount of Crowns. Now, I look like-

Huuge picture! I’ve finished Wysteria as well, and I’m going to do TotH sometime soon. Here are some screenshots (smaller size)

view in hall of the gorgon

Hall of the gorgon, the last boss.

Finished WS

Just beat him… Below are some TotH screenshots…

Getting TotH quest

Getting the Quest (tutorial tip talking shown)

front door

Front door, look around back 😀



Tarus i think


Also, I finished the Emperor’s Retreat and was too lazy to record it. :-I

Hmm, I also crafted a mannequin, right now he’s playing the piano in my Celestian Library in my Dragon’s Fjord. 🙂  I may upload some screenshots…Library..

There ya go! With a mr lincoln. XD

End of WW

I’ve also finished the Waterworks a couple times, still with just boots/hat. :-/ If anyone wants to do a run, comment (only on weekends)

Hmmm, I’m in Tomb of Storms,,, That’s about it! See you int he spiral!