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September 30, 2011


YAY! We got our prize! I love prizes! Especially free ones!

Well, prizes are usually free, aren’t they. Well, this prize isn’t like waking up to a cup of coffee (well, tea, but I only drink hot chocolate xD), or tea. Evan Shadow loves tea, though! As does his pet egg, if it could drink. Don’t you think so, Tiger? *calls Tiger* (thats his name)

Evan was so proud of his morning coffee [tea] that he decided to show us all what he looks like! {in a different outfit–}

coffee/tea. YUM!

Oh, that tea looks so good. I can even make out the 5 reshuffles, some (3) shadow oil in there, the 8 fossils, glass vial, and itty bitty little amythest! Oh my gosh! You can see 35 red mandrake in there! Wow! LOL.

You know, Grizzleheim is just the best place for furniture. Specifically, food/kitchen items. That’s how I got this tea set. SUPRISE! I got you a whole kitchen full of goodies!


Wait a minute. Is that a waterfall???? ^_^ Yes it is!
I used the method as you may have seen in one of the wizard weeklys, since the fish fountain was made weird.

So, there’s a part of water that’s going down, and another part that’s just bouncing, and the water that goes down, well, keeps going down. So in the ice house, if you turn left there’s 2 rooms stacked. That’s how I did this (with a fish fountain).

I just love housing! I have a special way of floating rugs higher, I may upload pics.
[pics may be inserted here]
it’s without boxing. So, the whole reason I made this post was to say that everyone got a free surprise! Well, not everyone. Everyone that voted for KI! you know what that means…….…

WYVERNS HOARD! 399 crowns, all to you! Oh yeah! I haven’t redeemed mine yet, I’m so excited! Will I get that cloud Wyvern??? Oohhh!!!! I just really want to open this-

And find out! It would be so cool. There’s one thing I discovered with these card packs, after you cool down from going crazy and spending twenty dollars, you wait and do normal things. I did this with DH. After a while I got on Noah WinterMask (life alt) and tore open a DH. BOOM! Bone Dragon. So the thing is, I’ve discovered, if you wait, you have a better chance of getting something rarer. I waited for a little, then wanted to see if I would get a Wyvern. Sadly, not but my luck greatly increased and I got a Teleporter! Purple, it’s my second to receive from that pack. Coincidentally, both of them were purple. I gave this one to my storm alt, who’s currently hanging at level 21 in the Krokosphinx (Hall of champions).
That pretty wraps up my post for today! Be sure to remember that-

The Shadow will fall.

…*ominous music*…

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