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September 30, 2011

Test Realm!

I’ve made some major (well, not really) housing improvements in test realm! I’ve made a teleporter maze/walls, added housing signs, and some new furniture! I also got a pegasus and blew some crowns! I plan on training my egg to see what I get.

*alert pictures incoming*

Me and Logan WinterBreaker with pegasi.

Me and LoganWinterBreaker. I think you can tell which one is me XD. See that sign? “Welcome to Evan Shadow’s Castle” OH YEAH! FEEL THE WRATH OF GRIZZLEHEIM SIGN!!!

I think I’m getting a bit too excited. *calms down*

Teleporter Maze

None shall pass. It’s not too hard but I couldn’t resist that Wizard City sign! Here we go! >>see that green teleporter? >>that goes to my floating rugs/pavillion. 😉

Orange first

First, go through the Orange teleporter, the other two (yellow and purple) take you to the start.

after orange

This is where you are after the orange, and there’s a bridge! << wonder what that’s doing, let’s investigate! >:-)

the bridge after orange teleporter

Ooh! pretty. some floating items too. Very pretty.

cyan in the middle

Next you face a harder challenge, they’re all the same color. Go through the one in the middle and you’ll be here… >>the rightmost teleporter takes you back to the triple cyan, << the teleporter on left goes to the very start (hope the stunning bridge scene didn’t make you forget the first one!).

finished result

^^That’s after you get through the middle. ^^Hmm. another teleporter?

last yellow one!


back to the start

Oh! Back to the start, I’ll have to do it again! ^_^ I’ve blocked off the other way to get to the start, the yellow teleporter is the only way 🙂

So, that wraps up the post for today! I made it one-coulmn! Yay!