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September 24, 2011

First post!

I’m going to copy-paste the one from my blogger one. Lol. It’s—
This is a new Wizard101 blog, The Winter Shadow. I am really happy to be joining the Wizard101 blogosphere 🙂 with this blog! I probably will be starting out with shortish posts, before I get the hang of it. So, some more about me, you ask? Well, I play wizard101, but that’s already assumed 🙂 I have a level 60 character, like so many other people 😉 I bet you can guess what school he is based on the blog title…
Yes! That’s right! Ice! *standing ovation* his name is Evan Shsdow.
I hope that everyone enjoys this blog!
Hmm- blogging is a really thinking activity XD. I also have a level 59 life, and his name is Noah Wintermask. (that’s part of how I came up with the blog name) 🙂 i also play toontown, which is funny for a wizard player.
Anyways, (I tend to say that a lot) I have a Toontown blog which was also recently started. Find it at- ! I also think that it’s cool to have a wizard101 and Toontown blog, so that’s what I’m doing. w101 tends to be on blogger, and Tt seems to be more on WordPress, for some reason.

Just go with the flow. XD well, this pretty wraps up the post, I will be making additions to the blog soon, but for now, see you in the spiral!
Yay! A new blog!
Good for me 🙂
Ps- pictures will be added on Friday or Saturday. 😉 EDIT– I forgot. Uggh. I’ll try to remember, and a new post is coming! –END EDIT

– The Winter Shadow
The shadow will always be running away from the sun. Lol.

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